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Visitation Application

Adult Visitor Application and Background Investigation Authorization

By completing this request and authorization, I acknowledge that visitation of offenders at this VADOC facility is a privilege. This privilege may be revoked or suspended for violation of rules, overcrowding, or as a result of suspicious behavior. A visiting brochure is available upon request.

Visitor Information
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Your Current Mailing Address
If you reside in the state of Virginia, please select a city or town from the following dropdown list. Virginia Resident:
If you reside outside of the state of Virginia, please enter your city or town in the free form field following the drop down list. Non-Virginia Resident:

Information on Offender You Want to Visit
Offender Locator

To add minor visitors for this offender, click the Add Minor Visitor button.

To add multiple offenders, enter offender information and click Save Offender.

Vehicle Information


I authorize the Department of Corrections to conduct a criminal records check, or to use any Department of Corrections records to verify accuracy of information provided on this form.

The above information is true and correct. I understand that providing false information on this form is grounds for denying visiting privileges. By clicking the Submit button, I agree that I have read and understand the above statements.
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